#835: The expanding partisan gap on K-12 education

On this week’s Education Gadfly Show podcast, David Houston, assistant professor at George Mason University and survey director of the Education Next Poll, joins Mike Petrilli and David Griffith to discuss the relationship between political partisanship and public opinion on education issues. Then, on the Research Minute, Amber Northern reviews a study on the impact of the Broad Superintendents Academy, a program that trains non-educators to lead urban school systems. 

Recommended content: 

·       David Houston’s co-authored Education Next article with Paul E. Peterson and Martin R. West: “Partisan Rifts Widen, Perceptions of School Quality Decline” (August 2022) 

·       The study that Amber reviewed on the Research Minute: Thomas S. Dee , Susanna Loeb, and Ying Shi., “Public-Sector Leadership and Philanthropy: The Case of Broad Superintendents,” Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, (August 2022)

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