#842: Industry-recognized credentials aren’t living up to their potential

On this week’s Education Gadfly Show podcast, Quentin Suffren, Senior Advisor of Innovation Policy for ExcelinEd, joins Mike Petrilli and David Griffith to discuss industry-recognized credentials and why their impact has been muted so far. Then, on the Research Minute, Amber Northern reviews a study that examines how college graduates’ earnings are influenced by the performance of their schools’ football teams.  

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·      Quentin’s recent Fordham article: “Credentials matter, but pathways matter more,” September 2022, which summarized the findings from “Credentials Matter,” a website created by ExcelinEd and Burning Glass Technologies.

·      Our report on IRCs: Matt Giani, “How Attaining Industry-Recognized Credentials in High School Shapes Education and Employment Outcomes,” Thomas B. Fordham Institute (August 2022). 

·      The study that Amber reviewed on the Research Minute: Monica Harber Carney, “College Football Performance, Student Earnings, and the Gender Wage Gap,” Education Finance and Policy (September 2022).

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