A Renaissance of Classical Education

Andrew talk to Jennifer Burns about classical education. Jennifer holds a master’s degree in Marketing from Northwestern University and is a mom to three sons. She left a career in marketing communications to homeschool her son and then in 2004, Jennifer created an enrichment program called H.E.A.R.T. and two years later created a classical hybrid school called Classical Consortium Academy in Illinois. Both H.E.A.R.T. and C.C.A. are going strong today and serve over 350 students.

On the podcast, Jennifer walks us through the basics of a classical education, including the grammar, logic and rhetoric phases. We discuss how a classical education, rooted in the great books and in academic rigor, can benefit all kids, regardless of their career aspirations. Jennifer shares her views on the importance of a religious basis to the curriculum and we discuss some of the differences between Christian and secular classical schools. Finally, Beth and Andrew both share their optimism in classical schools being one of the shining alternatives to today’s politicized K-12 education system.

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