10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. More Students Given Failing Grades at Elite San Francisco High School After Elimination of Merit-Based Admissions

Teachers at San Francisco’s Lowell High School gave freshman students significantly more D and F grades this past fall, the first semester after the school board eliminated the merit-based admissions it had relied on for decades. Read Now

9. Colorado Governor Signs Law to Protect Teachers, School Workers From Doxxing

Colorado teachers now can withhold their personal information from the internet if they feel it would put them or their family at risk. Read Now

8. Nashville District Won’t Allow Charter Middle Schoolers to Compete on Sports Teams

Charter school students in Nashville will no longer be able to participate in athletics at Metro Nashville Public Schools. Read Now

7. Milwaukee School Counselor Under State Investigation for Opposition to Transgender Ideology

An elementary school counselor from Milwaukee is refusing to resign or change her mind about gender identity, even after the state opened an investigation that could cost her her job. Read Now

6. The Secret Lobbying Behind Why NYC Schools Paid $25 Million for a Former Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Location

In September of 2018, Lorraine Grillo, head of the city’s School Construction Authority at the time, received an email from her friend Carlo Scissura, from his email account as leader of the New York Building Congress. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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LUEKEN and CASTRO: Tackling the ‘Exodus’ Claim

Critics of education choice claim that introducing and expanding choice programs will lead to a massive exodus of students that will dismantle public-school systems by “defunding” them. Read Now

5. ‘Entrenched Dysfunction’: State Releases Blistering Review of Boston School District

Boston Public Schools is largely stuck in “entrenched dysfunction” and its failure to achieve systemwide change on a number of fronts is causing thousands of students to languish in their classrooms, even as school district leaders have taken initial steps to help remedy some of the problems, according to a blistering state review released Monday. Read Now

4. 662,000 Fewer Undergrads Enrolled in College in Spring 2022 Compared to the Year Before

Those losses represent a 4.7% decline in undergraduate students — a steeper downturn than what was seen in the fall. Dips occurred across all institution types tracked, including public universities, private institutions and community colleges. Read Now

3. Education Secretary Refuses to Say if Schools Should Tell Parents About Gender Transitions

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona refused to say that parents should be informed if their child is undergoing a gender transition at school during congressional testimony on Thursday. Read Now

2. Remote Learning Apps Tracked and Sold Millions of Students’ Data, Report Says

A new comprehensive report has found that many remote learning apps used during the pandemic tracked students and shared their information with advertisers for targeted ads. Read Now

1. ‘My Heart Is Broken Today’: 19 Students and 2 Adults Killed in Uvalde School Shooting

Nineteen children and two adults were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde County on Tuesday, making the massacre the deadliest school shooting in Texas’ history. Read Now

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