A Silver Lining to 2020

Photo: Tony Kinnett

I recently read an article where the author wrote about a surge in homeschooling since the pandemic gripped the nation back in the spring of 2020. The reasons parents are choosing to homeschool are as diverse as the families choosing to do it. Some parents are looking for faith-based education options. Others are parents of children with disabilities. Some families are unhappy with the quality of their local schools. Whatever the reasons, the author views this mass exodus from schools to homeschooling as “a silver lining” to the pandemic, suggesting without the pandemic, many families would not have left their local schools.

The author shared the positive outcomes a family reported after their seven-year-old daughter thrived after receiving 1:1 instruction. Even more enlightening, the child’s curriculum included study of literature, anatomy, and archaeology that included trips to dig for fossils. The level of curriculum variety and richness available to this little girl is both impressive and invigorating. The absence of the red-tape, classroom acuity, public school priorities and limited time available to public school teachers makes homeschooling a powerful and effective learning option for many students and families.

While public school officials figure out how public education will look this fall, this might be a good time to consider the academic needs of your children. If you long for a more effective, deeper, more rigorous education experience for your child, homeschooling is certainly an option to consider. Homeschooling isn’t right for everyone, but it is a winning bet for many families who are hesitant to try it. For more information on homeschooling, check out the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for information on laws related to homeschooling, parent support and homeschool guidance. There are also many homeschool support groups and networking opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Clubhouse. As public education struggles to get it right, there are options to pursue that can benefit your child significantly.

Dr. Teresa Sanders
Dr. Sanders is an international bestselling author, education researcher and student and family advocate in the education setting. Dr. Sanders has presented at international education conferences and is the founder of Safari Small Schools, an innovative micro school in Canton, Texas. Dr. Sanders created Safari Small Schools to meet the needs of learners who aren’t thriving in the traditional classroom. Dr. Sanders can be reached at DrSanders@safarismallschools.com.

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