10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. Parents Flood Wisconsin Private School Choice Enrollment, Crash State Website

It’s the latest snapshot of just how many parents in Wisconsin want to explore educational options for their kids. Read Now

9. Out-Migration of Black Families Contributing to Chicago District’s Dropping Enrollment

The number of children enrolling in Chicago Public Schools has fallen precipitously over the past 20 years, and a new report examines three key drivers it says have contributed to the well-documented decline. Read Now

8. New York City Public Schools Lose 62,000 Students as Enrollment Jumps at Charters

Enrollment at New York City charter schools continues to rise, while tens of thousands of students are fleeing the city’s traditional public schools, newly released figures reveal. Read Now

7. Audits Find Boston District Overstated Graduation Rate for Five of Last Seven Years

In five of the last seven years, the audits found school officials wrongfully removed dozens of students from would-be graduating classes by claiming, without documentation, that they transferred to another school, moved to another country, or died. Read Now

6. Alabama Lawmakers Eye Creation of ‘Ultimate’ School Choice Legislation

The proposed bill would allow parents to access money that the state would have used to pay for their child’s public education – approximately $6,300 last year – and direct it to other types of schooling, including private school and homeschool options. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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FINN: Did Public Education Have It Coming?

In many ways, the educational failures of the past several years were far worse than they needed to be because of long-standing characteristics of American public education. It’s worth recounting three of those. Read Now

5. Citing Threatening Online Posts, Idaho Venue Cancels Contract to Host School Choice Event Featuring Corey DeAngelis

The historic Basque Center in downtown Boise has canceled a contract with the Idaho Freedom Foundation to host an event on school choice and public education next week. Read Now

4. BLM ‘Week of Action’ Teaching Students Nationwide to Affirm Transgenderism, Disrupt Nuclear Family

Students across the country as young as kindergarten-age are learning that “everybody gets to choose their own gender” and are receiving kid-friendly lessons on disrupting “Western nuclear family dynamics” as part of this week’s national Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action. Read Now

3. Flint School District Gave Staff $22,500 COVID Bonus Before Shifting Indefinitely to Remote Learning

Flint Public School staff members got a $22,500 COVID bonus with federal money intended “to safely reopen” schools before the school in January shifted indefinitely to online learning, citing COVID. Read Now

2. 77% of Students Tested at Baltimore High School Read at Elementary Level, Teacher Reveals

The teacher works at Patterson High School, one of the largest high schools in Baltimore with a 61% graduation rate and a nearly $12 million budget. Read Now

1. Racially Sensitive ‘Restorative’ School Discipline Isn’t Behaving Very Well

This alternative method of discipline, called “restorative practices,” is spreading across the country – and being put to the test. Many schools are enduring sharp increases in violence following the return of students from COVID lockdowns, making this softer approach a higher-stakes experiment in student safety. Read Now

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