A diverse range of voices on all things education.
We believe intellectual diversity benefits American education and therefore seek to publish a thoughtful range of voices from teachers to advocates, scholars, and industry leaders—left, right, and center.
Our Story

Two organizations. One vision.

1 - Circle

Choice Media is founded as a non-profit education news organization in 2011 to bring awareness to underreported education stories from around the United States.

2 - Circle

Chalkboard Review is founded in 2020 to provide a heterodox outlet for editorials, breaking news, and other commentary from educators.

3 - Circle

Choice Media becomes Chalkboard Media in 2022, partnering with Chalkboard Review to provide a one-stop shop for transparent and diverse education news, stories, and commentary.

Our Mission

Broadcast the Voice of Every Education Stakeholder

No one should be kept from participating in the discussion on education. Our editing team doesn’t decide whether a piece is politically appropriate—our audience decides whether a piece has merit.
Our Vision

Unrestricted Access to Education Content in One Convenient Location

Whether it’s commentary, reporting, podcasts, interviews, tips & tricks, stories, legal analysis—you should be able to find it here. No paywalls, no restrictions, no directed algorithms, and no censorship—just pure education news and opinion in a variety of formats.

Who We Are

Tony Kinnett - Headshot

Tony Kinnett

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Chalkboard Review & Chalkboard Media
Daniel Buck - Headshot

Daniel Buck

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Chalkboard Review
Kate Guenther - Headshot

Kate Guenther

Assistant Director, Chalkboard Review
Adam Burnett - Headshot

Adam Burnett

Director of Operations, Chalkboard Review
Quinn Weimer - Headshot

Quinn Weimer

Director of Social Media
Trevor Zellweger - Headshot

Trevor Zellweger

Director of Logistics & Finance
Lou Scataglia - Headshot

Lou Scataglia

Managing Editor
Juliana Sweeny - Headshot

Juliana Sweeny

Executive Producer, Teacher’s Lounge
Stephanie Edmonds - Headshot

Stephanie Edmonds

Social Media
Jason Anger - Headshot

Jason Anger

Social Media
John Willow - Headshot

John Willow

Social Media
Daniel Elmore - Headshot

Daniel Elmore

Data & Analytics Coordinator
Garion Frankel - Headshot

Garion Frankel

Breaking News Reporter
Izzy Nulter - Headshot

Izzy Nulter

Robert Evans - Headshot

Robert Evans

Serenity Greeno - Headshot

Serenity Greeno

Jocelyn Gunter - Headshot

Jocelyn Gunter

Frank McCormick - Headshot

Frank McCormick

Clay Robinson - Headshot - 2

Clay Robinson

Paul Rossi - Headshot

Paul Rossi


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