ASCA – Coming For Your Children, S1, E39

Today we get a peak under the liberal tent of the American School Counselor Association (@ASCATweets) with Alvin Lui, of Courage Is A Habit, (@CourageHabit), where he bought his own ticket and recorded a lot of the indoctrination training that your local school counselor may be buying into.

It features two new videos premiering here with Tara Kierstead, a school counselor from Hall-Dale Middle School in Farmington, ME where she says to hide things from the parents is their best practice.

Megan Fox broke the ASCA story with our friends at PJMedia about the gender cult tactics being used with the ASCA shoving this down children’s throats and we will go further in depth with Alvin.

We also talk about Gender Queer in Bonny Eagle HS, in Standish, ME and have 3 resident comments on it, don’t miss it.

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