Balance Before Burnout 101 Masterclass with Brittany Blackwell

As a veteran teacher of over 11 years, Brittany has been in trenches and battled the dreaded burnout – personally, professionally, and everything in between.  She is your designated and biggest cheerleader for avoiding teacher burnout and here to give you the 411 on how to go from Burned Out to Balanced.  This presentation will start off with a fun way of determining your burnout type, some easy-to-recognize burnout symptoms, and then jump into four strategies to balance so we can build up before we break down.  Grab a cup of coffee and download the workbook to tip the scales & balance your burnout!

Bio: Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. is an award-winning special educator and self-care strategist from South Carolina with over ten years of experience working in elementary and middle school classrooms. Brittany is no stranger to teacher burnout and has a passion for empowering teachers, parents, and students to prioritize self-care and mental health. Brittany’s digital approach to self-care through digital planning, vision boards, and strategies has reached the homes of thousands of educators across the world. Also known as “MsPrincessTeach” on TikTok, Brittany’s social media following grew through her fast-paced, lighthearted tutorials and humorous real-life experiences. Brittany helps teachers create their own Individualized Self Care Plan by providing sustainable strategies, handcrafted products, and digital resources to reduce stress and prevent burnout. Her approach gives support so that educators can maximize fulfillment & effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.






Supporting Files:

From Burn Out to Balance 101 Worksheet

Free Daily Digital Planner, Free Digital Vision Board & ebook, & Individualized EduCare Program Launch 

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