Black Minds Matter: How Black Education Entrepreneurs, and School Choice, Are Helping Kids

Hosted byKerry McDonald|

Advocates of school choice policies that enable education funding to follow students instead of going to school systems are typically motivated by stories like that of our guest today, Denisha Merriweather. The tax-credit scholarship program that her family stumbled upon when she was young allowed her to escape a public school system that was not serving her well.

In my Forbes spotlight of Denisha earlier this year, she said that school choice changed her life, and she has spent most of her adulthood advocating for expanding school choice policies. Today, she works for the non-profit American Federation for Children promoting school choice through the Black Minds Matter initiative that she founded in 2020. One thing that the Black Minds Matter website does is capture the growing list of hundreds of black-owned schools across the country, helping to elevate their work, inform families of their options, and inspire greater education entrepreneurship.

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