Brent Everett Dickinson On The “Chaosmos” In Culture

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Brent Everett Dickinson is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist and associate professor of art at Azusa Pacific University in California.  In 2017, Dickinson founded the MMHTT (Marcel Maus Hermeneutical Think Tank), a multimedia web project driven by philosophical concepts such as power, authorship, immanence, performativity, and deterritorialization. In this week's discussion, Dickinson delves into the interplay between philosophy and art, as well as conceptions of beauty, stirring the debate as to whether beauty is truly objective. Dickinson also discusses "Chaosmos" (a term coined by James Joyce) in relation to the production and sustainment of culture—he notes that Western culture is one that perpetually produces the new, and thus conservatism and progressivism act in accord to some degree.

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Brent Everett Dickinson 

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