Classic American Novels Still Read in Christian Schools w/ Elizabeth Kendrex

Chris and Christine are joined by an English teacher to discuss book bans and the importance of reading classic American literature from a Christian worldview. Elizabeth Kendrex teaches K-12 English classes at Logos Preparatory Academy near Houston, Texas. 

As a university model school, Logos Preparatory Academy partners with parents and guardians in the teaching process. Students spend part of their school week at Logos and the other part of the week at home with their parents as "Co-Teachers."

Elizabeth explains this unique teaching model and dives into the curriculum and books read in her classroom. Elizabeth is also one of the Herzog Foundation's 2022 Teachers of the Year. She discusses being honored at the gala last fall and the importance of teachers taking a moment to recognize their achievements. 

To nominate a Christian teacher for the Herzog Foundation's 2023 awards cycle, please visit the nomination portal here

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