Daniel Buck On Voices In Education

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Is there sufficient viewpoint diversity in K-12 education today? Daniel Buck is a teacher and freelance author who has written for such publications as National Review, City Journal, The American Mind, Quillette, and others. He joins Jeremy to discuss the questions that he began asking as a school teacher which led him to not only change his personal views on education, but also to advocate for a renewed national conversation concerning the proper aims of education. He further discusses the conversations that were facilitated when he began publicly addressing the "echo chamber" of education, and how this led to the founding of The Chalkboard Review, an online journal of educational commentary that features a diverse range of voices on all things education—left, right, and center. Send questions or comments to anchored@cltexam.com.

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Daniel Buck @MrDanielBuck
The Chalkboard Review
True Education is Beautiful—The American Mind, Claremont Institute

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