Education Gadfly Show #841: Good news for a change: Most states appear to be spending their ESSER dollars wisely

On This week’s Education Gadfly Show podcast, Carissa Miller, CEO of the Council of Chief State School Officers, joins Mike Petrilli and David Griffith to discuss how state education agencies are spending the 10 percent of ESSER funds set aside for them. Then, on the Research Minute, Amber Northern reviews a study on how providing information about the likely financial outcomes of college and career paths affects high schoolers’ choices. 


Recommended content: 

·      CCSSO’s analysis of how the relief dollars are being spent: “States Leading: How State Education Agencies are Leveraging the ESSER Set-Aside,” August 2022; and an accompanying webinar

·      The study that Amber reviewed on the Research Minute: Gabriele Ballarino et al., “The effects of an information campaign beyond university enrolment: A large-scale field experiment on the choices of high school students,” Economics of Education Review (December 2022).


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