Expelled For Speaking Up

In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Beth and Andrew talk to two courageous mothers, Andrea Gross and Amy Gonzalez. They tell the story of how their children were expelled from their prestigious private school, Columbus Academy (Columbus, OH) because of their advocacy efforts.

The two moms founded and organized a group of hundreds of parents, students, alumni, and teachers, called The Pro CA Coalition, to foster positive dialogue with the school and help the school return to a core focus on academic excellence. The school retaliated by expelling their children and even involving the FBI. Needing a new school for their children, Amy and Andrea decided to launch a new classical education school, Columbus Classical Academy, affiliated with Hillsdale College, and scheduled to open in August 2023.  

 We hope you enjoy this conversation with two mothers who are shining examples of how parents can not only speak up for their children’s education but help fix our broken system by starting new institutions.

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