10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Photo: Mary Taylor/Pexels

10. Population Booms Are Overwhelming Schools in Montana

In Bozeman and other small cities like it across the West, the population is exploding faster than schools can keep up. Read Now

9. 28% of Memphis Students Chronically Absent This School Year

Memphis-Shelby County Schools kept its classrooms open as delta and omicron COVID-19 variants flooded the community, but student attendance rates hit their lowest point of the last five years, district data shows. Read Now

8. Austin District Has Not Met Minimum Academic Standards for Students With Disabilities in Four Years

The report found that Austin school district scores on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness for students with disabilities in the third through eighth grades were below the state standard in all areas in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021. Read Now

7. ‘This Is Pornography and This Is Grooming’: Colorado School Board Shuts Mom Down When She Reads From Book Available to Students

A Colorado mother was silenced at her local school board meeting when she tried to read from books available to school children that include graphic references to sex and masturbation. Read Now

6. Detroit School Board Approves Spending $700 Million in COVID Relief Funding on Facility Upgrades

The district will spend $281 million to rebuild five schools, $296 million to renovate buildings, and $128 million to reopen previously closed school buildings, expand pre-K, build additions onto existing schools, and demolish or sell some vacant buildings. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

Photo: Mary Taylor/Pexels

ALLEN: Biden Administration Answer to Learning Loss? Killing Charter Schools

The Biden Administration has been working overtime – with at least a dozen former teachers’ union staffers at the highest levels of the Department of Education – to kill charter schools, starting with proposing regulations to the federal program, to starve charter schools and discourage their creation and expansion. Read Now

5. With Rising Violence in Las Vegas Schools, Teachers Are on Edge and Learning Is Being Sidelined

After several days of classroom lockdowns when violent brawls broke out inside Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas, Cherish Morgan had had enough. Read Now

4. Texas Governor Pitches School Choice for Every Student

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday night he supports a school voucher measure that would allow students to use government funding to attend private schools or charter schools rather than just their assigned public schools. Read Now

3. Biden Officials Prepare to Blow Up Trump’s Rules on Sexual Misconduct in Schools

Along with casting off many Trump-era guidelines Biden officials say are too arduous for assault victims, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is expected to codify safeguards for transgender students for the first time, handling both issues in the same rule. Read Now

2. Charter School Advocates Launch Lobbying Blitz Against White House Proposal

Charter school advocates are mounting an all-out push to defeat a Biden administration rule that they say would crush the industry. Read Now

1. FBI Whistleblowers Say Bureau Probed Parents Under Counterterrorism ‘Threat Tag’ for Protesting School Boards

The FBI used “threat tags” created by the bureau’s counterterrorism division to launch dozens of investigations into parents who had protested at school board meetings, whistleblowers disclosed. Read Now

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