10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

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10. Rural Oklahoma Becomes Battleground in Fight Over School Choice

Sulphur, with its population of 5,000, is the largest city in Oklahoma House District 22. And because of the man who represents it – House Speaker Charles McCall – it’s become a battleground in a major fight in Oklahoma City over private school vouchers. Read Now

9. San Francisco School Converts Its Gym Into a Homeless Shelter Every Evening

The idea of optimizing school district property for evening and weekend use isn’t new, but Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8 Community School (BVHM, for short) appears to be the first modern public elementary school to have hosted a long-term, overnight family shelter. Read Now

8. In Chicago School Budgets, Federal COVID Relief Pays for Existing Staff

At some Chicago schools, principals are questioning why a good chunk of the $2.8 billion in federal funding the district received for use over three years is paying for existing staff — and what the district is doing with the money it is saving as a result. Read Now

7. North Carolina’s Largest District Expands Use of Digital Surveillance Software to Spy on Students’ Computers

The Wake County school system is expanding the use of digital surveillance software to spy on students’ computers for signs of suicide, self-harm, threats of violence and other dangerous behavior. Read Now

6. Virginia School Covered Up Sexual Assault That Left Victim Hospitalized

An Alexandria high school withheld details from parents about a reported multiple-assailant rape on school grounds. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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HOLMQUIST: A Decline in Reading Skills Makes Geese for the Plucking

A teacher-friend of mine recently expressed sadness over the stagnation of her students. Before the pandemic she could see students steadily gaining ground. Now she was seeing zero progress on their tests—and maybe even some declines. Read Now

5. Teachers Union Leaders Ripped for Elementary Mistake on Ukraine Flag

The education leaders only had one minor problem – the Ukraine flag in their poster was upside down. Read Now

4. Seven in Ten Democrats Now Back Education Freedom

According to a new poll released by the American Federation for Children and Invest in Education, support for school choice continues to rise among Americans of all political views and across racial demographics. Read Now

3. New Legislation Would Direct the Federal Government to Track Post-High School Students for the Rest of Their Life

Buried in a new bill passed by the House and now before the Senate is a plan for lifetime data tracking of college students. Go to college or any other post-high school institution, and the federal government will watch you for the rest of your life. Read Now

2. These Schools Reopened Quickly, Had Fewer COVID Protocols, and Their Students Performed Better

As school systems around the country were battening down for their first remote start-of-school in the fall of 2020, the Lewis-Palmer district here was embarking on another kind of experiment: Elementary students would be in class full time, sitting maskless at communal tables. Read Now

1. High Schoolers’ GPAs Are Rising, but Their Test Scores Aren’t

Far more American high school students are graduating compared to a decade ago. Those students are completing more courses, particularly rigorous ones. And their grades are higher, too. But these heartening pre-pandemic trends, detailed in a new federal study, come with a significant asterisk. Read Now

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