Hope, Faith, & Community

As the beginning of the school year approaches, more parents are considering Christian education options as the public education system continues to fail. Culture has drastically shifted the education sphere forcing teachers and administrators to explore career alternatives or leave their profession entirely. Prior to the pandemic, a subtle shift and change happened in the public education systems and curricula. Now, teachers, administrators, school boards, and teachers’ unions are emboldened like never before.

Molly Starkey, a former public-school teacher, left the public education system. She also chose to remove her three children from public school and enrolled them into private Christian education. She and her family found hope, community, and support within Christian education.

A tyrannical precedent has set in as the public education continues to push parents out of their children’s education and force their political agendas into the classroom. School boards and teachers’ unions are projecting messaging and agendas that parents don’t get to choose. Public schools are more focused on over-accommodating social issues rather than listening to parents’ concerns, academic rigor, and accountability.

Join Chris and Christine Stigall as Molly shares her journey in making the leap to Christian education. For more information on Christian education, please visit HerzogFoundation.com.

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