How to Ask for Help with Tre’ Gammage

When the 21 – 22 school year started I thought it would be just a little easier than the past two years. But I was wrong! Everything is still hard, even asking for help.  Very few people enjoy asking for help because it’s uncomfortable. But here’s what I learned about how to ask for help through the most challenging semester of my career in education. 

Bio: Tre’ is an Adult SEL Consultant helping schools support teachers to Impact Students.

His mission is to make it easier to do what you love because when you see someone living their dream it makes you either want to be a part of that dream or start to live your own.

SEL educators provide Adult SEL skill-building and SEL implementation support for school communities. Since 2017 SEL educators has worked with 18+ Schools and Education Organization to improve social-emotional competence in educators.






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