How to Ensure People of Color are Celebrated and Centered in Your Classroom with Aundrea Tabbs-Smith

Black history month is celebrated in the month of February and is a fabulous time to take a moment to check in with yourself and your classroom to ensure that people of color are not only celebrated and centered in the month of February but year-round.

In this episode of e2e podcast, our guest Aundrea Tabbs-Smith talks about small steps teachers can take to make sure marginalized people are represented within your classroom, no matter the makeup of your student population.
I was thrilled to sit down with Aundrea, a future e2e module author (launching April 1st) to discuss this important topic. Aundrea starts off by telling us why as educators we must read and listen to books written by Black/Indigenous/People of color. She then explains the importance of critically looking at the books on our classroom shelves and wraps up the episode discussing why we should Identify authors and educators of color that have created resources on the content we are teaching.
Download the book list here:

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