Introducing the Herzog Foundation: A Nationwide Catalyst for Christian Education 

Hosted byDarrell Jones|

Christian education hasn’t always been mainstream. Many parents, including Chris & Christine, just recently started exploring Christian education as a viable option for their children. Whether it was covid restrictions or political agendas hidden within curriculum, parents around the country are the waking up to the reality that is public education today. The Herzog Foundation, a nationwide Christian education non-profit, aims to equip parents with knowledge so they can make the best decisions for their children’s education. Chris and Christine are joined on today’s episode by Herzog Foundation President & Pastor Darrell Jones. Darrell shares how and why he came to join the Herzog Foundation in January 2021. He also shares more information about the trends he's witnessing in Christian education along with the resources the Herzog Foundation offers for parents, teachers, and Christian school administrators. For more information on Herzog Foundation programs and training events, please visit The Herzog Foundation’s online news publication can be found at Please make sure to subscribe to the show and leave a 5-star rating and review if you enjoyed today’s episode. 

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