Jaimee Michell – Gays Against Groomers

We bring you educational activists, advocates and guests here at the Maine Source Of Truth podcast that combined, no one else in the country can bring in one place.

Today we have Jaimee Michell who founded Gays Against Groomers. She’s from Wisconsin and was once a social media influencer, but now has taken on the work to shield children from the trans-cult and trans-mafia and in my brief getting to know her, she’s a beacon for morality and conservative values, regardless of sexual affiliation.

We should not be defined by our sex, nor our sexuality.

She’s exploded on the scene and the liberals are losing their minds over her work and exposure to the evils within our schools and communities as she looks to separate the LGBQ from the LGBTQ+/- & $ or whatever they have added to it recently.

We are going to review a couple Maine stories, all coming up next!




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