Joe Rigney On Education In Serious Joy

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Dr. Joe Rigney is the second president of Bethlehem College & Seminary (Took office June 1, 2021). On this episode, he discusses tenets of C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man, to include commentary on the destructive nature of modern turns toward subjectivism in philosophy and education generally. Dr. Rigney also discusses Lewis' use of the term "Tao" to demonstrate the concept of objective morality and truth as transcending cultures and illustrating a universal human reality. He also discusses his vision as Bethlehem's new president, to include a discussion on the college's decision to turn down federal funding—this fact has allowed the school to maintain its principals and academic virtues in the face of growing hot-button cultural issues.  Dr. Rigney also discuss a core mission of the university in helping students graduate debt-free.

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Dr. Joe Rigney @joe_rigney
Bethlehem College & Seminary

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