Josh & Rachel – Weaponized Schools

This one is a tough one…It’s a perplexing case of harm coming from all sides.

Today I’m going to try and provide some background on a turbulent 3.5 years from a family in Cranston, RI, Josh Mello and Rachel Ware, who together have been arrested due to a number of factors, but one of which is the school overstepping its authority on parental pickup.

Now, Josh is not completely culpable, but he’s had some run ins in the past, but I believe this issue could have been resolved if schools were not being weaponized against parents. These people doing these things in the schools don’t seem to face any consequences for their actions.

The family has struggled to find answers, transparency, legal and financial support and I hope our listeners can phone a friend and see if we can throw some support their way for the daughter, at the very least. She deserves to have a chance.

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