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Education is a flawed system. Classrooms are bombarded with critical race theory, mask mandates, and a “woke” curriculum among other glaring issues. Students are caught in the crossfire and used as pawns in the politics of adults. 

Perhaps the worst challenge of all in the classroom is the plague of woke teachers entering the profession. How did a once honorable vocation become the breeding ground for far-left ideologies? 

Is it possible that every prospective teacher shares the same beliefs? As a current student in a teacher education program, I can say with utmost certainty that this is not true. So, in a group bursting with diverse thoughts how do you end up with a workforce that is programmed to think one way AND inculcate the next generation with the same ideas? You create one.

In my own experience, a twisted form of hazing seems to do the trick. This hazing takes many forms and attacks every value that does not align with those being pushed by the mass media and academic elites. The result is an environment in which teacher education programs ostracise, smother, and fail prospective teachers who do not subscribe to a ‘woke agenda.’

Let’s look at the woke religion of Covid as an example. In the spring of 2020, the general consensus around the College of Education was that Covid was ‘just the flu,’ and ‘schools will not be shut down.’ Sometime within the first six months of ‘two weeks to slow the spread,’ this outlook shifted drastically. By the fall of 2021, the new stance was education majors who were unvaccinated did not care if their own students lived or died. 

The manner in which wokeness manifested with regards to Covid is only one obvious example of this takeover of education programs. In fact, there is no previously-protected right that is off-limits, including religion.

Last semester, during a two-hour period ostensibly designed to help teacher candidates learn about and respect all of their student’s religions, my own Catholic faith was overtly diminished and attacked by a speaker. I filed a complaint with the university, but there was no action. This is not surprising, given that it would be difficult to reprimand a speaker who is the professor’s own eastern orthodox priest. 

Even science has no place in the classroom. My teacher education program comes armed with seminars on pronouns in the classroom. We were encouraged to ask all students about their preferred pronouns – even the little ones that do not know what pronouns are. To make all children feel accepted it is suggested teachers mount a Gender Unicorn graphic on their wall. Education professors see absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging students as young as kindergarten to discuss issues related to sexuality. 

Questioning the woke orthodoxy is not allowed. Complaints to administration are ignored.  The majority of teacher candidates either hide their true beliefs or adopt the “acceptable” viewpoints and ideologies.   

From Georgia to Texas I have heard current and former teacher education program members describe the isolation and admonishment received for thinking outside of the donkey-shaped box they are placed in. 

After my brief time spent in one such corrupt program, it is no wonder that the K-12 schools are plagued with propaganda spewing educators. They are performing the script they were provided. 

The only way the integrity of education will be restored is if the value of the education degree is reinstated through relevant and nonpartisan teacher education programs. Until that can be achieved, the cycle will never be broken, and children will suffer the consequences.  


The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Chalkboard Review team.

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