Maine FOAA Law Info – All You Need To Know S1, E3

I provide some updates from the weekend, then roll into all you need to know about Maine’s Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) info. Here are the links I refer to:…ec408-A.html…le1sec402.html…duD-Ah8eevfw/edit…view?usp=sharing

If you got hung up, with a district trying to swerve you, make you pay thousands of dollars, etc, review your request, based on the links above, then call the Assistant Attorney General in Maine for help and guidance:

Brenda Kielty, Assistant Attorney General, very helpful, at the time of this podcast, her number, is 207-626-8577,

Ps – Count how many times I call Jeff Porter, Superintendent in MSAD51, Cumberland, ME a “lying narcissist.”

Hope this helps…remember, they don’t want to be transparent, they want to keep secrets to what they are doing to your kids, with your tax dollars.

Pull your kids out now…

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