Mental Focus During Stressful Situations

Bob Tewksbury, formal All-Star Pitcher, mental skills coach, and author, joins the e2e podcast to talk about mental focus during stressful situations.

Bob and Carrie focus on these three lessons:

1) Expect stressful situations

2) Perceptions change the inner voice

3) Final touches – breathe


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Bob has a unique professional resume that combines a successful major league baseball career with a master’s degree in sport psychology and counseling from Boston University. Despite two arm surgeries and several demotions back to the minors, he persevered going on to win 110 games and make an All-Star team. After retiring from baseball, he returned to college to complete my bachelors degree, and three years later completed my masters degree from BU.

He has worked as a mental skills coach for three of MLB’s storied franchises and some of the games’ best players including; Jon Lester, Rich Hill, Andrew Miller, and Anthony Rizzo, among others.

He has provided mental skills training to a number of colleges such as Tufts Men’s Ice Hockey, Boston College Baseball, Boston College Basketball, Middlebury College Baseball, Bates College Baseball, Wheaton College Women’s Lacrosse, and Eastern Kentucky University Baseball.  He also has a number of individual college and high school athletes from various sports across the country.

Bob is a member of the Applied Association of Sport Psychology (AASP) as well as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant. (CMPC) and is trained in the DISC Athlete Assessment

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