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​It is no secret that over the past two decades, public schools throughout the US have morphed from institutions of educational excellence into establishments of political ideology and social engineering. When I graduated from Maryland public high school in 2000, I had no idea who any of my teachers voted for, what they did on the weekends, or with whom they shared a home. I remember when my sophomore English teacher changed her name over the Christmas break, my friends and I were curious about all the details of her wedding. Rather than diverting the lesson into a self-indulgent rehashing of her celebration, she gently redirected the focus back to the lesson on Jude the Obscure.

​Two decades later, the classroom seems to have become a Temple of Progressivism; instead of classic liberal studies such as English, Science, and History, we now have “Career Pathways,” “Health”, and a mixed bag of “DEI/CRT,” with universities churning out newly minted teachers whose purpose seems to be geared more towards social justice and pronouns than academics. Children are no longer able to enjoy the freedom and connection of playing with their friends without some looming cause to validate them. The lockdowns are no doubt the cause of much of our children’s suffering, cutting all bonds our children knew as every window to the outside world was closed, except their computer screen. When life returned to a semblance of normalcy, the effects of constant feeding of woke social media became obvious to many of us parents. So when my hometown of Carroll County, Maryland, voted to limit the presence of flags in the classroom, our Moms for Liberty chapter and other parent organizations considered it a step in the right direction. It didn’t happen without a fight, though.

​Here’s the story you probably haven’t heard: In April, a local PFLAG chapter gave every single K-12 teacher in the county a Progressive Pride flag to display in their classroom. Upon hearing this, teachers and parents alike were outraged. Many teachers felt uncomfortable displaying a flag representing sexuality where the curious eyes of their five year old students would naturally have questions. Some teachers felt that they would be targeted by students if they chose not to display the flag. Similarly, parents felt like this was another form of governmental overreach; most parents want to have these conversations in their homes when their children are ready.

As the Chair of Moms for Liberty CC, I received an outpouring of concern that this was yet another distraction away from education and towards activism. Moms for Liberty CC and Concerned Parents of Carroll County helped to organize and mobilize parents to attend the May Board of Education meeting in order to oppose this donation. In opposition, GSA clubs gathered their local and national members as well as students from the local colleges for a rally outside of the meeting. Waiting in line for hours, we watched as hundreds of students (many college kids from out of state) turned the meeting into a party, complete with free pizza, drinks, chants and music.

​The Board listened to public comment from both sides, and decided that the donation was not in alignment with the newly implemented Political Neutrality policy and that they would vote to create a flag policy the following month. Thirty days of attacks ensued, with members of the community viciously smearing Board members as well as Moms for Liberty and Concerned Parents for the crime of bigotry and transphobia.

​In May, a similar board meeting occurred with a record turn-out while dozens waited outside of the packed building waiting for the vote. Ultimately, the Board voted 4-1 in favor of the flag policy. The policy states that flags are limited to the American flag, Maryland State flag, Carroll County flag and sports teams flags. Not surprisingly, many local and national organizations have propagandized this policy as a “Pride flag ban” without admitting that it also bans every other politically charged flag, from the right-wing MAGA flag to the left-wing BLM flag.

Moms for Liberty is not a hate group by any stretch of the word, nor do we condone bigotry of any kind. Every child deserves kindness and respect. Our mission is solely based on protecting our rights as parents to protect our children from institutionalized ideologies that have no place in a classroom. And we will never stop.

Kit Hart
Kit Hart is a mother of five and the Chair for Moms for Liberty in Carroll County, Maryland. She advocates for parental rights in education and believes that the innocence of children should be protected and cherished.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Chalkboard Review team.

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