Networks for Freedom: A new network of learning centers prioritizes educational and family freedom

Hosted byKerry McDonald|

Lorianne Bolotin, an immigrant physician and midwife who grew up in the Dominican Republic, and Jack Bolotin, a finance executive, never thought that they would be in the education business, until mandates and lockdowns of 2020 led them to find an alternative for their children’s education.

After months trying to balance career and homeschooling and connecting with like-minded families, Lorianne and Jack founded Metsada, a Private Membership Association (PMA) dedicated to protecting families’ freedom of choice in health and education.

As a project of Metsada, they created Independence Day Academy, a parent-organized discovery site (PODS) in New Jersey that enables families to have their kids learn in a homeschooling-style environment with high parental involvement, while allowing parents to stay in their jobs and fulfill other demands of daily life.

Metsada is hoping to create a network of independently run learning centers, and shortly after the opening of Independence Day Academy, Lorianne and Jack welcomed Jenny Markus to the Metsada family. 

Jenny is a lifelong New Yorker, parent, and self-directed education advocate. She is the co-founder of Coney Island Clubhouse, a child-led learning center in Brooklyn, NY. 

In this episode, Lorianne and Jenny talk about their experiences and educational vision.

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