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Any parent with more than one child can tell you every child is unique. What works for one doesn’t work for the other. What one loves, the other may hate. Yet when it comes to education, we have a one-size-fits-all approach expecting all students to learn best in the same way. When learning materials were limited to books, it was impossible to personalize education for every student, but now opportunities for learning have exploded. When an adult wants to learn something new today, they may go to the library or purchase a book, but they are just as likely to “Google” it, watch a YouTube video, or connect with an expert through the internet. And now, an innovative education provider, Tech Trep Academy, is bringing that level of personalization to students. 

Students who join Tech Trep Academy are public school students who learn at home. Parents work with a certified K-8 teacher to create a personalized curriculum path for each student that aligns with state standards. Families choose from a variety of online resources, in-person activities, live teacher-led classes, field trips, and more. Certified teachers grade assignments, offer feedback on student work and are available to answer questions, provide instruction or find additional curricular resources.

While students learn at home, they are not homeschoolers! Homeschoolers in many states do not submit student work, work with a certified teacher giving them feedback and guidance, or receive resources or support from a public school. 

For many families, Tech Trep Academy is the best of both worlds, offering the flexibility of learning at home while receiving resources and support to ensure their children are progressing academically. As a program of choice, Tech Trep Academy provides a top-notch education and superb parent and student support to continue attracting students. 

Here are some success stories from families in the program: 

“I have always homeschooled my children independently, but after joining Tech Trep this year, I was blown away by what a wonderful support it is to our family. I no longer feel like I’m doing the job of educating my children all on my own. We were able to benefit from many resources that I never even knew about, such as Generation Genius and ALEKS math. My daughter disliked math prior to ALEKS, and now she’s not only succeeding at math, she’s enjoying it! Thank you for all your hard work in making this a wonderful program!”

“It is also so important to me to be able to educate in many areas, not just math, reading, science, etc. Our girl is learning so many life skills and exploring interests with the resources we have. We get to educate the whole child, not just learn the basic subjects, and we get to have a blast doing it. Seriously so grateful for Tech Trep!” 

“My 7-year-old has struggled with reading and started the year below his grade level. Tech Trep has provided wonderful resources that I wasn’t aware of at his previous school. I’m excited to say he’s improved so much in just a few months and is almost at grade level. His teacher has scheduled meetings with me to provide additional resources and advice and meets with him weekly on Zoom for fun reading lessons and games. Before reading was a struggle and ended with him in tears from becoming overwhelmed, now he is exploding with confidence and excited to read.” 

“When my daughter started Kindergarten this year, I was very nervous about the responsibility of starting a good, strong academic journey for her. I had zero experience teaching and English is my second language so I was super nervous. But with the Tech Trep Academy Resources, she is reading so well, loving doing school, learning science, social studies, and math, and she is really getting so much ahead. I am so happy.”

“My daughter is excelling at a pace that in-person classrooms just wouldn’t support.  We love that she also has access to virtual sessions with peers via homeroom teacher sessions and the science/SS classes.  These are the highlights of her week.”

“My son has ADHD and this has been an amazing opportunity for me to provide him an education in the best way possible. We are able to do one-on-one as needed, able to do as many hands-on activities and teaching methods as needed, and pace ourselves according to the quality of his focus on any given day rather than being held to traditional schooling methods and timelines. I would recommend Tech Trep to anyone considering home education, it has been a phenomenal experience!”

Program growth and parent testimonials show this personalized education program is helping students develop a love of learning and meeting the needs of students. Educational options benefit our students, families, and communities.

Janet Cox
Janet Cox is the Senior Director of Operations at Tech Trep Academy and has been teaching her own 13 kids at home for nearly 20 years. She is passionate about helping students love learning and connecting students with the resources that are the perfect fit.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Chalkboard Review team.

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