Pioneers of the Parents Movement

In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Andrew and Beth speak with parent activist, Betsy Hart. Betsy was, along with our own Beth Feeley, a co-founder of the group Parents of New Trier (now New Trier Neighbors). Betsy and Beth share their stories about being pioneers of the parents rights movement. Betsy talks about what prompted the group’s founding more than five years ago, and shares her views on how the parents movement has evolved. We also discuss the recent expose in Mother Jones magazine about the group entitled, “The Right-Wing Attack on Public Education Began in One Elite Illinois High School.”

Betsy Hart is a free-lance development writer for a variety of non-profits. Previously, she was a syndicated columnist, and served on President Reagan’s White House staff in the Office of Communications. Betsy also serves with Beth on the board of New Trier Neighbors, a local citizen group that keeps an eye on local issues – including schools – in the north suburbs of Chicago. 

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