REPORT: Democrats Are Losing Parents’ Support in Education

Education has become the hot-button issue for parents
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With the midterm elections in less than one hundred days, Democrats can no longer turn to an issue that has bolstered their numbers in recent years: education. 

According to a study by Democrats for Education Reform last month, probable voters in Congressional swing districts no longer trust Democrats more than Republicans on educational matters. Furthermore, two-thirds of voters prefer that schools focus on helping children make up lost time from the pandemic rather than on racial and gender conflicts in the classroom, a key component of Democrats’ current educational agenda.

It should come as no surprise that parents are dissatisfied with the quality of public schools in which their children are enrolled. Because of the COVID-19 shutdowns, parents observed firsthand what their children were studying, such as radical gender theories, and there was a corresponding departure of pupils to private schools and homeschooling the next school year.

However, when parents became dissatisfied with the existing educational elite, that educational elite engaged in a smear campaign against parents. Currently, the current system believes that parents are either not interested enough to have a role in how their child is educated, or they are too involved and are thus labeled “extremists.”

Despite the pushback, parents are mobilizing against these accusations. One of those parents is Laura Zorc, the executive director of a parent-activist group called Building Education for Students Together, or BEST. 

In speaking to Chalkboard Review, she said “Through BEST, I have met thousands of parents who want to improve our education system by running for school board and contributing in a million other ways, large and small. It is time for parents to have a voice again.” She went on to say “BEST’s mission is to ignite a national parent-led movement by building, educating, and mobilizing the largest network of parent activists in the country to advocate for their children’s education through the election of school board members and the passage of policies that align with our vision of expanding education freedom.”

Put simply, education has become a hot-button issue across the nation as parents fight for the education of their children. While Democrats pander to unions and implement radical ideas into class curriculums and pedagogy, the parent-led coalition fighting for educational freedom has gained massive traction and will likely play a critical role in future elections. 

Daniel Elmore
Daniel Elmore is the Data & Analytics Coordinator at the Chalkboard Review.

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