Education Non-Profit to Host an ‘All-Ages’ Pride Event in Indiana with Controversial Drag Queen

Parents Concerned Show Will Be Like Other 'All-Ages' Shows

Reports of Indiana non-profit Intersect promoting the October 1st “Pendleton Pride” event to local families have surfaced, with a lineup that includes drag queen story hour and performances for children.

Intersect, Inc., according to its website, is a “coalition of community members representing schools, health care, faith-based organizations, and businesses that formed in 2002 to address tobacco issues in Madison County, Indiana.” 

Park Director Aaron Burris allegedly granted the organizers of Pendleton Pride the permit required to operate, bypassing the park’s board approval. Intersect is shown to be a sponsor of this event according to multiple forms of signage in the community.

Banner over Pendleton Street, via local parent

According to screenshots from social media obtained by Chalkboard Review, the group plans to have local drag queen Glinda B. Fierce, also known as Floyd Luellen, perform the story hour to an audience of children. 

Screenshots also document Mr. Luellen’s social media history. 

“Where are the strip clubs here in Indy?” one post reads.

In another post, Mr. Luellen shares an image of a tweet that reads, “[M]e at a threesome: are you guys mad at me.”

Mr. Luellen does not shy away from his distaste for religion, sharing “I am tired of living under the tyranny of Christianity.”

In response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade in the summer, Mr. Luellen posted, “Do you want a rapist or child molester near your children…wait you do, I see y’all going to those churches.”

“I want this country to burn!” another post reads in part.

Mr. Luellen has also voiced his distaste for Republican elected officials, “F*** these conservatives in power in MY STATE. They do nothing for the people! Governor Eric Holcomb needs out along with the rest of the [self-serving] c*****.”

Mr. Luellen has also been documented performing a drag show where he takes dollar bills from children. In his drag persona’s social media imagery, he is portrayed as a woman with large breasts and protruding nipples.

Pendleton Pride is scheduled to take place on October 1st from 12-4 p.m. in the Circle at Falls Park, featuring “sparkle blessings”, drag queen story hour, and drag queen performances. In addition to Mr. Luellen joining the cast, drag queens ava_no.1, Naomi De Fierce, Pat Yo Weave, and the Indiana Crossroads Sisters are also expected to attend.

According to promotional materials obtained by Chalkboard Review, “These family-friendly queens can’t wait to see you all and spread some joy on October 1st! #pendletonpride #pride.”

This is a developing story, updates will be posted as they come.

Update: On Thursday, September 22, 2022, Chalkboard Review was sent the following internal memo from Intersect, Inc.:

A public statement was released on the 22nd of September mirroring the internal memo.

Clay Robinson
Clay Robinson is a senior at Arizona State University and a fellow at the Chalkboard Review.

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