Retirement Can Wait: Donna Akers on launching a microschool after 30 years as a public school teacher

Hosted byKerry McDonald|

Donna Akers had been a public school special education teacher for almost 30 years when she retired in 2020 and decided to launch Ivy Greene Academy, an affiliate of the highly-regarded and fast-growing Acton Academy microschool network. Not only is Ivy Greene the only Acton Academy in all of Mississippi, it is located in the rural town of Pontotoc in an area with almost no other private education options or schooling alternatives for families. In fact, one family drives 1 1/2 hours each way from Memphis, TN just to attend Ivy Greene. What began as a desire to find a better educational environment for her son has turned into a thriving, sought-after, learner-driven microschool that now serves more than 40 children. Far from retiring, Donna is only just getting started. 

Mississippi Microschools Are Expanding Education Options for Families  (

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