Robert Pondiscio on Making Teaching “Teachable”

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On this episode of Anchored, Jeremy and Arooba are joined by Robert Pondiscio, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a former inner-city public school teacher. Robert begins by discussing his blue-collar upbringing, and his relatively normal experience attending public school as a child. He explains that his relatable experience makes him the perfect candidate to connect with and aid students. Mr. Pondiscio received his Bachelor in English from State University of New York at the age of 40 and became a teacher at one of the lowest performing schools in the South Bronx. It was then that he became skeptical of school curriculum and the training teachers were receiving. Mr. Pondiscio explains that he became a school choice advocate because he saw no other way to give students the education they deserved. He emphasizes the role school choice plays in leveling the playing field for low-income families. 

Host: Jeremy Tate, Arooba Asim
Guest: Robert Pondiscio 

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