Saving My Daughter from the Transgender Cult

In this powerful episode of Take Back Our Schools, Beth and Andrew speak with Mom and children’s advocate, Erin Friday. Erin shares her emotional journey rescuing her own teenage daughter from the cult of transgender ideology. She speaks about the role of sex ed curriculum in schools in introducing children to concepts of gender ideology, and how the isolation from extended school closures during Covid encouraged girls to become lost in a sea of toxic social media and susceptible to social contagion. Erin also discusses how schools are deliberating keeping parents in the dark about their children and driving a wedge between parent and child. We also talk to Erin about her advocacy and legislative work in California aimed at protecting vulnerable children and holding schools and healthcare institutions responsible for the damage being down to vulnerable children because of gender ideology and the trans movement.

 Erin Friday, Esq. is a California licensed attorney and lifetime Democrat. She practiced law for over 20 years in the private sector. Ms. Friday is now a co-leader of the USA’s Western Regional branch of Our Duty (, an international coalition of non-partisan parents and allies advocating for safeguarding of minors and young adults against transgender ideology. She also leads the local branch of Parents of Rapid Onset of Gender Dysphoric Kids.

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