Scott Smith- Trans Bathroom Rape

Today on Maine Source Of Truth, I have a heartbreaking story about Scott and Jess Smith, two parents in Loudoun County, VA who’s 15 year old daughter was raped by a “transgender,” skirt wearing boy on May 28th, 2021. The trangender-girl with a penis, a monster, was found guilty of two rapes, one in Stone Bridge High School and one in Broad Run High School, after the local superintendent, school board and school lawyer, all tried to hide the first incident and transfer the predator.

Scott Smith’s daughter was in the process of being hyper-sexualized a year before this happened. A year before she was raped. It’s a predatory situation inside these brick walls of your local schools parents. When do you wake up?

This incident was hidden, all because they were trying to force a transgender bathroom policy on parents, like what we have here in RSU22, Hampden Maine, placing every young woman at risk of this same situation and placing boys in uncomfortable spots as well.

These rapes should never have occurred and their daughter, now 17, has to live with this trauma for the rest of their lives. The Smith’s believe the suspect took advantage of their daughter’s fragile mind and believe that this person is a dangerous animal and should be put in a cage, or put down. I couldn’t agree more.

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