“She's off her anxiety and ADHD meds”: Stephanie Harper and Tekeeta Funchess on the magic of microschooling

Hosted byKerry McDonald|

When Stephanie Harper decided to open Harper Learning Academy in Byram, Mississippi in August, her goal was to create a small, personalized educational setting in which her daughter would thrive. Conventional classroom environments weren’t a good match for Harper’s child. They also weren’t working well for the daughter of Harper’s colleague, Tekeeta Funchess. Harper and Funchess had been longtime teachers in the Jackson Public Schools before they left their jobs to provide educational consulting services to public school districts through the firm Harper founded in 2016. 

As they worked together, they realized their daughters were experiencing similar challenges in standard school settings. So, they decided to build what they couldn’t find and create a warm and welcoming microschool where children can thrive.

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