Stephen Blackwood On Seeking the Truth with Courage

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Dr. Stephen Blackwood has held fellowships at Harvard, Cambridge, and the University of Toronto, and is the founding president of Ralston College in Savannah, GA. In this episode, he discusses his childhood growing up on on Prince Edward Island and the ways in which his formative years taught him that human life does not exist in the abstract, but rather in the particulars—places, times, landscapes, and cultural moments all inform humanity. He also discusses his friendship with Jordan Peterson and the notion that Dr. Peterson's positive vision of human potential has served as an antidote to the alienation and crisis of meaning felt by many in the current social moment. Dr. Blackwood also discusses his vision for Ralston College; its vision entails the promotion of free inquiry in pursuit of truth and human flourishing, especially at a time when these directives have left many modern universities.

Host Jeremy Tate @JeremyTate41
Guest Dr. Stephen Blackwood @stephenblackwd
Ralston College

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