Teacher’s Perspective on the Politicization of our Public Schools

Beth and Andrew welcome former teacher and dissident, Frank McCormick. Frank shares his reasons for why he went into teaching and what led him to become disillusioned with the ideological indoctrination happening in his public high school in Illinois. Frank talks about what critical pedagogy and critical race theory look like in the classroom and the role of teachers unions and school administrators in pushing these Marxist ideologies. Frank also shares his views on what role parents can play in pushing back and how they can be supportive to other teachers like Frank who want to expose the politicization of our nation’s public schools.

Frank McCormick taught history at Waukegan High School. He is also the founder of Chalkboard Heresy, a collection of essays, editorials, and stories capturing the pain, frustration, and disillusionment of his time in public education.

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