The Collapse of Parenting

Beth and Andrew welcome family physician and author, Dr. Leonard Sax, who shares his views on how both parenting and children have changed over the 30+ years he has practiced family medicine, particularly how the scourge of cell phones, social media and pervasive pornography have impacted our nation’s youth.

He also talks about the exploding social contagion of gender dysphoria and trans ideology, especially among girls. Sax passionately implores parents to reclaim their proper role vis-à-vis their children, and to find a better schooling environment if the values of their children’s schools aren’t consistent with their family values.

Sax has a PhD in psychology and an MD, both from the University of Pennsylvania. He has practiced family medicine for over 30 years and has also led workshops and given keynotes based on his visits to more than 460 schools over the past 21 years. He is the author of four books for parents: Why Gender Matters (Doubleday), Boys AdriftGirls on the Edge, and the NY Times bestseller, The Collapse of Parenting (Basic Books). He has been a guest on many television shows, including The Today Show, and his essays about a wide range of child and adolescent issues have been published widely. Videos of some of his TV interviews, and some of his articles, can be found at

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