The Culture Divide & School Choice Expansion

As public schools continue to shift further away from American and Christian values, school choice to continues to expand in states across the nation. The result? Parents are taking their hard-earned dollars and using them elsewhere. They're spending their money at schools where teachers and administrators haven't completely abandoned patriotism and Christian values. Will the NEA and public schools be able to keep up? Will they start listening to parents? This week's guest isn't too sure. As a former teacher at a school gone woke, Beth Reams has witnessed firsthand how our culture has drastically shifted to the left in recent years. And if you don't agree with these new leftist ideologies, then you're cancelled. Or in Beth's case, fired. Luckily, there are alternatives and more parents, students and teachers can experience these alternatives thanks to school choice expansion across the U.S. For more information on Christian education, please visit To participate in Missouri's school choice program, please visit

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