The Evil Within the ME AG's office – Civil Rights Team (Critical Race Theory) recruitment video S1, E5

Ok, this is my longest podcast yet, sorry, lots to cover, about an hour and some change. I’ll try and break it down here:

Intro – Comments on what’s been happening, thank you!

Bible Verse (7:00)

Updates (8:30) Out Maine looking to hyper-sexualize your kids…-caa10c806856

Old Town keeps porn in middle school library (12:05) –…ult-joam40zk0w/

Survey on sex sent to your kid, without you knowing?…nGkv_Ro9n5uNgZdU5U

MSAD51, rules for white kids, not black kids (24:35)

Nice compliment from woman in Cumberland to me (32:40)

Sexual Assault Services for Kindergarten students in RSU2? (33:30)

PREP is indoctrinating your teachers, to gaslight your kids ((35:45)

Article updates Breitbart, Dr. Susan Berry, who did the first story on me last May “SEL now a vehicle for CRT”(38:45):…cal-race-theory/

The Daily Wire, Hank Berrien, The Daily Wire was the second national outlet to interview me and punch out the lying narcissist Jeff Porter, here they talk about a CA mom who lost her daughter to transitioning and the school withholding info (41:25):…mpaign=dwtwitter

New data shows exodus from public schools, Kerry McDonald, MaineWire (43:25):…is-continuing/

The lost value of modesty, Gospel Coalition, Kevin Deyoung ((45):…of-modesty/

Trans Tyranny in Public Schools, Chronicles, Pedro Gonzalez (48:40):…ic-schools/

Civil Right Team Recruitment Video (50:00) and the new grooming happening by peer students:…cct5PJL9pIz/view

Ending comments – Get your local Legislators involved, 3 core, winnable issues in Maine education (1:03:45)

Go get involved!

God Bless and thank you!

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