The Fallacy of a Single Choice

Christine and Chris begin this week's episode by recapping their time in Washington, D.C. for the Herzog Foundation's Excellence in Christian Education Awards Gala, honoring 12 Christian teachers from across the country.

To learn more about the 2022 Christian Teacher of the Year recipients, click here. If you'd like to nominate a Christian teacher in your school, visit

The Stigalls also share about their experiences over the past year with their daughter's enrollment into a private Christian school. They talk about how their perspective regarding Christian education drastically shifted with the positive changes they saw in their daughter's life. They encourage parents who may still be on the fence about making the leap to Christian education. There is an entire community of parents who are either making the same decisions they are or parents who have been in the Christian education sphere for years ready to walk alongside them. 

Christine and Chris emphasize the importance of considering which education route to parents should take, what kind of school best aligns with your beliefs as well as the education format your children learn from best. Lastly, they encourage parents that they are not alone in their journey of Making the Leap.

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