The First Episode! Sexual Grooming of Minors is what's happening in your ME schools

I speak to LD1939, an act to “protect” school administration officials from “harassment” and “abuse.” It’s really the progressive left democrats attempt to silence your First Amendment rights to redress grievances with the government and free speech.

More info here:…m=1&snum=130

The testimony and what I’d like to see is a few dozen more conservative views pushing back on this attempt to silence you:…SP0676PID=1456

Here is how you do it:…MnQZHvdMIPtM/edit

WGME leftist take on this bill and the situations, never once reaching out to me, nor anyone else about the other side of the 360 degree issue:…they-face-harassment

Kelsey Stoyanova’s plagiarized book list about anti-father, LGBTQ, comprehensive sexual education, transgenderism, etc.:…it#gid=1898943473′

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