The History of Black Minds Matter

My name is Denisha Merriweather and I started the Black Minds Matter initiative after publishing an article titled Black Minds Matter. I wanted to give attention to the unlawful acts of police, while also bringing more attention to the unlawful acts of the public education system.

Angela Davis once said

“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.”

For those of us who are committed to liberating black minds, it is impossible to develop a high-quality education system for Black students without acknowledging the past. Schools in America were not designed for African Americans and still fail millions of Black children today. It’s no surprise schools have seen little to no innovation since the industrial period.

Collectively we can ensure every Black student in America has access to a high-quality education of their parent’s choice. The onus of on us all. Our essence and our being deserve life.

During this episode, I want to share my article Black Minds Matter with you.

You can read this article here:

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