WEEKLY WIRE: 10 Must-Read Education Stories – 7.29.22

School Choice on a Winning Streak, a Manufactured Charter School Crisis, AGs Sue Over LGBTQ Policies Tied to Lunch Funds, and More
Private School Students Raising Hands
Yan Krukov, Pexels

10. Judge Orders Parents to Pay $57K in Legal Fees to Las Vegas District After Lawsuit Challenging Mask Mandate Is Dismissed

A federal judge has ordered two parents to pay about $57,000 in attorney fees to the Clark County School District after their lawsuit challenging a COVID-19 mask mandate was dismissed. Read Now

9. ‘Vouchers Are for Vultures,’ Says Democratic Candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor

At the 2022 Texas Democratic Convention, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Mike Collier claimed he “is going to kick Dan Patrick’s ass.” Read Now

8. Loudoun Superintendent Gets $28,000 Raise Despite Failure to Inform Parents About Two Sexual Assaults

Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler now makes a total salary of $323,000 alongside his $1,000 monthly vehicle allowance, according to WJLA. The Loudoun County School Board approved the pay raise per Ziegler’s 2021 contract. Read Now

7. As Opponents Try to Block Tennessee’s New School Choice Program, 2,200 Families Indicate Interest

Nearly 2,200 families completed forms by this week’s deadline to indicate interest in participating in Tennessee’s private school voucher program in Memphis and Nashville. Read Now

6. Federal Appeals Court Sides With Minnesota Teachers Union, Says Nonmembers Aren’t Entitled to Fee Refunds

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected claims from at least three educators who wanted fair-share fees returned after the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 Janus decision. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

Rows of School Desks in Dark Classroom
Rubén Rodriguez, Unsplash

The Education Complex

The education complex is obsessed with high-level, higher order, and critical thinking. They worship at the temple of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Children need to analyze, evaluate, and create, not just memorize or retell. However, before children can climb to the top of this pyramid, they must graduate above the first levels — knowledge and comprehension. Read Now

5. Portland District Teaches K-5 Students to Experiment With Gender Expression, Commit to Become Queer Activists

Documents obtained by writer and activist Christopher Rufo show that from as early as kindergarten, students are taught the tenets of radical queer gender theory. Read Now

4. Nearly One-Third of Massachusetts Students Were Chronically Absent Last Year

Across the state, more than 29 percent of Massachusetts public school students, or over 250,000, were chronically absent last school year, meaning they missed 10 percent or more of the academic year, according to data through March 1. Read Now

3. A Manufactured Charter School Scandal

As the COVID-19 pandemic shut schools down across the country, one microschool network rose to serve thousands of students in need of an education. Read Now

2. Republican Attorneys General Sue Federal Government Over Tying LGBTQ Policy to School Lunch Funds

The attorneys general allege that the Agriculture Department’s new directive is based on a “misreading” of a Supreme Court ruling. Read Now

1. School Choice Advocates Rack Up Major Victories in 2022, With One Setback

Teachers union bosses often got their way during the pandemic when they were able to prevent in-person schooling in many jurisdictions well into 2021, long after vaccines were made widely available. Though it appears, based on developments so far this year, the backlash from both parents and lawmakers who demand more education options has commenced. Read Now

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