WEEKLY WIRE: 10 Must-Read Education Stories – 7.8.22

Teachers Union's Agenda Exposed, Universal School Choice Signed into Arizona Law, One-Month Dash for Charter Funds, and More
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10. Kansas May Ditch Class Hours for Real-World Training As Graduation Requirements

For more than a century, Kansas students have earned credits — and, after enough of them, a high school diploma — based on how much time they spend in a classroom. Read Now

9. Oklahoma Governor Calls for Investigation Into Tulsa Schools Over Potential Mishandling of Funds, Claims of Violating Anti-CRT Law

When it rains, it pours. On the same day that the school board was holding a special meeting to discuss the recent resignation of a high-ranking employee and financial losses to the district, Gov. Kevin Stitt took to Twitter. Read Now

8. 3,000 West Virginia Students Must Reassess Plans After Judge Blocks School Choice Program

Morgantown resident Corey Kimble had planned to use West Virginia’s new Hope Scholarship for his daughters’ private school costs this year. Suddenly, following a court ruling this week, that won’t be possible. Read Now

7. San Francisco District Spent $525,000 on Legal Fight Over School Mural

San Francisco school officials used money voters approved for classroom and other facilities’ improvements to pay $525,000 in attorney fees to fight a lawsuit over the fate of a controversial Depression-era mural. The spending is now under review by an official oversight committee. Read Now

6. Dozens of Oregon Districts Illegally Denying Disabled Students’ Right to Full School Days, Report Finds

Students with disabilities including autism, emotional disturbance and communication impairment were given as few as 10 or even five hours of instruction per week. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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Why We’re Failing Our Boys

We are in a sense oppressing boys and failing to provide them with an outlet to express healthy masculinity. Read Now

5. Enrollment Soars in North Carolina Private Schools at Levels Not Seen Since the 1970s

It’s a number not seen since 1971, when 11,764 additional students enrolled in private schools during the fight over public school integration. Read Now

4. Schools Report Rise in Chronic Student Absenteeism and Behavioral Issues

The findings by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), based on responses from of leaders at 846 public schools, underline problems that have become increasingly well known during more than two years of pandemic-altered education. Read Now

3. After Overhauling Program, Education Department Opens One-Month Dash for Charter Funds

States and charter operators have just a month to scramble for grants under a vastly revamped federal program in which, for the first time, they’ll have to justify the need for new charter schools. Read Now

2. Education Expert Sent to ‘Twitter Jail’ After Exposing Teachers Union Discussions About Social Justice, Gender Identity and Opposition Research

The head of the John Locke Foundation’s Center for Effective Education found himself in “Twitter jail” Wednesday. Terry Stoops faced that penalty after exposing discussion topics at a national teachers’ union’s annual meeting. Read Now

1. Arizona Becomes First Universal School Choice State

In signing House Bill 2853 into law, all Arizona’s school-age children will be eligible for the Empowerment Scholarship Account. Read Now

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