WEEKLY WIRE: 10 Must-Read Education Stories – 8.12.22

NEA spends little on representing members, panic over teacher shortages overblown, and more
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10. Los Angeles Teachers Union Demands Withdrawal of Optional Extra School Days for Academic Recovery

In its first conflict under Los Angeles schools chief Alberto Carvalho, the teachers union has filed a complaint alleging that the district acted illegally in adding four additional days to the upcoming school year and is demanding that the optional days be rescinded. Read Now

9. North Carolina Union Protests Plan to Pay Teachers Based on Performance

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) is opposing a state plan to change how teachers are licensed and paid. Read Now

8. Fargo School Board Will No Longer Recite Pledge of Allegiance at Meetings, Says It Doesn’t Align With District’s Diversity Code

After passing a motion on March 22 to begin each Fargo School Board meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the board has rescinded the motion, voting in favor of removing it. Read Now

7. Chicago Public Schools Enrollment Predicted to Drop By As Much as 15,000 Students This Fall

This fall, the student population of Chicago Public Schools could continue its dramatic downward slide and drop below 300,000 elementary and high school students. Ten years ago, CPS enrolled 378,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Read Now

6. Delaware Test Scores Show Only 30% of Students in Grades 3–8 Meet Proficiency Standard in Math

While almost all Delaware K-12 students were back in the classroom last school year — albeit with periodic pandemic quarantines and closures — statewide testing scores remained well below the achievement levels of five years ago. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

Upset Student in Class
Drazen Zigic, freepik.com

Schools Haven’t Proven Themselves Worthy of More Responsibility

Based on the ability to teach reading, why would we assume the ability to provide mental health care to students would be any different? And, are you willing to take that risk with the most precious person in your world? Read Now

5. New Jersey Teachers Union Training Members in Woke Ideologies, Pushing Curriculum Including ‘Drag Pedagogy,’ ‘Disrupting Whiteness’

As reported by the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is training its more than 125,000 teachers to indoctrinate young children into CRT ideology and radical sexual education – all in deliberate conflict with the wishes of many concerned New Jersey parents. Read Now

4. Detroit District Attempts to Bolster Attendance As 77% of Students Are Chronically Absent

Detroit school district officials are planning more aggressive steps to reverse a rise in chronic absenteeism, a huge obstacle to their efforts to help students recover academically from the impact of the pandemic. Read Now

3. Biden Administration Hit With Lawsuit Over ‘Sneak Attack’ on Charter Schools

A coalition of charter schools in Michigan and Ohio brought a lawsuit Monday challenging the Biden administration’s newly implemented hurdles on federal funding for the independently run public schools. Read Now

2. Why Cries of Teacher Shortages Are Overblown and Overstaffing May Be the Problem

The stories are scary. The teaching profession, according to CNN in early 2022, was “in crisis.” The Wall Street Journal reported in February 2022 that burned out teachers were exiting for jobs in the private sector. House lawmakers in Washington devoted an entire hearing to “Tackling Teacher Shortages” in May 2022. And on Aug. 3, 2022, the Washington Post printed this headline: “‘Never seen it this bad’: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage.” Read Now

1. NEA Union Dues Rise, Spending on Teachers Drops for 6 Straight Years

Just 5% of the NEA’s spending in 2021 was on “representational activities,” according to documents NEA filed with the U.S. Department of Labor. Read Now

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