Weighing the Options: Public School vs. Private

Please subscribe to the podcast. Chris and Christine Stigall are parents to three teenagers. Chris is a talk show host who’s made a career covering politics. Christine is a former public school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. They watched their kids and community decline during covid school closures. They knew it was time to speak up and make a change. On the first episode of Making the Leap, Chris and Christine discuss their decision to send their daughter to a private Christian school, while keeping their two sons in public school. They walk listeners through their entire decision-making process, and bring on the academic dean of a private Christian school in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They discuss how it felt to call that school for the first time. They address the pro’s and con’s of both public and private school options. And finally, Chris and Christine share why they would choose Christian education for all three of their children if they could do it all over again.  Learn more at Herzogfoundation.com.

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